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UK ISPs considering taking BT to court.

The Register has an item on BT possibly having court action taken against it by a number of ISP's. The article mentions Freeserve, Thus and Tiscali UK. Whether any other ISP's are involved, but don't want names printed, is unclear.

Taking your prime DSL supplier to court can't do wonders for your companies business relationship with them. Also one wonders what are their aims? Do they want better SLA/SLG's on existing products or cheaper LLU access? If it's the LLU area, this fighting has gone on for over 2 years and Easynet has shown how to start the ball rolling by offering products that are different from what is currently available.

The problem appears to be for consumers in the short to medium term and the only real hope of broadband is either a cable company (currently little to no additional rollout at the moment) or BT who are hopefully on the verge of more DSL rollout. Business users who are chasing things like 2Mbps SDSL with 99% uptimes aren't served as well as the consumers at present, but court actions run the risk of delaying further rollout to consumers.


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