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Experience Gigabit while staying overnight in London

The rise of the serviced apartment has been a major change in the London accommodation market, offering single night stays that compete with hotels across the UK capital through 1 or 3 month long stays for those who need a short term base in the capital. Marlin Apartments have now levered the option of Gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic into their apartments at three developments across London - Empire Square (London Bridge), Canary Wharf and Queen Street (St Paul's).

Anyone staying in one of these apartments gets a free basic 1 Mbps symmetric service with the option of upgrading to symmetric 100 Mbps or Gigabit for the period of their stay. We don't know the price of the upgrades, but we would not be surprised that if you were to book a long period like one month that the upgrade would be thrown in for free.

The ultra-fast symmetric options should give the Marlin apartments a unique sales point among the various news and film crews that come to London, since uploading raw or edited footage should be a breeze and might even be more hampered by the corporate network at the other end rather than the traditional slow hotel connections one experiences.

Looking at the pricing of the apartments, a single nights stay in Marlin Apartments Canary Wharf can be found for £120, which given the floor space compared to traditional hotels explains the growth in popularity compared to the traditionally small London hotels rooms.


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