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Oftel goes ten rounds with British Telecom

BBC News Online is reporting that Oftel have had a go at BT over it's leased line broadband services. In particular Oftel has ordered BT to provide lower prices in the provision of services to business broadband customers and to promote better competition.

The statement is aimed purely at the business part of BT's leased line operations. In an ideal world this will result in BT lowering the prices of their leased line products or making it simpler and cheaper for other companies to buy them from BT at the wholesale level. David Edmonds of Oftel is quoted as saying "I want to see a far greater take up to ensure that consumers see the full benefits of competition in the leased lines market.".

The leased line market is in need of a shakeup, 3 or 4 years ago it looked expensive, but with the advent of xDSL services it is starting to look even more expensive.


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