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Better broadband on the way for some Queensferry businesses

The massive problem with all the broadband work to date in the United Kingdom has been that none of the targets have ever been for 100% coverage at a high speed, still it was interesting to see some complaints about the cost of leased line versus standard FTTC services which are not available to some businesses in the Queensferry, Kirkliston and Dalmeny areas, i.e. the southern approaches to the Forth Bridge.

Leased lines are more expensive than FTTC based services mainly because of the dedicated nature of the delivery, which can mean you can get your own fibre (bonus being upgrades in the future are easier) and also the purchase of capacity out to the Internet. So direct comparisons with a consumer sold as SME FTTC service at £23/month are a little unfair, and the £10,000 per year while likely correct for BT is a little higher than TalkTalk charge. Additionally while Virgin Media is not offering cable services it would still be worth getting a fibre quote, as they are very close in Winchburgh and Edinburgh itself.

The reason we thought this little story newsworthy, is that when we checked where The Difference Corps are based, it turns out that cabinet 9 on the Queensferry exchange is due its FTTC upgrade by the end of September and the BT Wholesale speed estimate is 29 Mbps to 60 Mbps to their address. Additionally cabinets 3 and 7 have dates in the BT Wholesale checker, which if these are delivered by December 2014 will mean that 6 out of the 13 cabinets are live on the exchange under the commercial roll-out.

Clearly this means not every business and home in the area is going to benefit but it is an improvement. For Alistair Pryde, of Words and Pictures Photography the news is less good, since the line to that firm is an Exchange Only line, but it is close to the exchange and if not already using Annex M (variant of ADSL2+ with better upload) it would be worth looking into it to boost upload speeds maybe by 30 to 50%, or bonding several lines, an ISP like Andrews & Arnold have the expertise in this field as well as selling Annex M.


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