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PPPoE is on the way to BTipstream service.

We have heard that BT Wholesale is due to start a trial of PPPoE authentication on the BT IPstream Home and Office services starting 1st July 2002.

The trial is likely to last for four months at this stage, looking both at how the current hardware in local exchanges will auto-sense between PPPoA and PPPoE sessions, and once they get it going, what advantages/disadvantages there are to customers.

For users this opens up a whole new range of ADSL hardware that is often cheaper since it only needs to support PPPoE bridging. The people perhaps who will gain the most are those who want to use an ethernet router, but want the full IP address presented to their computer, in other words want the stability of an ethernet presentation but not the problems of sitting the computer behind a NAT router, e.g. the problems that NAT presents to software like MS Messenger's voice/video chat sessions.

It will be down to ISP's whether they will take part in the trials and it's likely that each ISP will only have a small number of people on the trial - as and when we hear more, we will pass it on.


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