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Wrexham Industrial Park waiting on minister to wave magic broadband wand

  • Wednesday, September 3, 2014 10:52 AM

The BBC has covered the plight of Wrexham Industrial Estate that is part of a £1 million project with financial support from the EU. It seems businesses are complaining about the state of broadband in the park, which currently should be 2 to 5 Mbps from exchange based broadband, unless a business plumps for a lot more expensive leased line option.

The park is served by the Dutton Diffeth exchange, and part of the problems for Unimaq may be that the BT Wholesale checker does not understand their address (Unit 6, LL13 9PN).

The park was one of those meant to benefit from the FibreSpeed project that was looking to be an expensive white elephant some years ago, and complaints like these suggest it is not delivering to its core target customers. Our money is now on Ken Skates the Welsh Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology waiting for the right moment to announce that a good chunk of the industrial estate will see native FTTP rolled, with a small portion of FTTC.

The Superfast Cymru does give some information for postcodes on the estate, suggesting the first cabinets on the exchange will live in December 2014. Oddly the letter Ken Skates sent in response does not mention these preliminary dates.


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