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Cornwall pushes closer to fibre based broadband for 95% target

Cornwall was the first part of the UK to get underway with an intervention programme to boost the coverage of fibre based broadband and holds the crown as the County with the highest proportion of FTTP coverage. The Superfast Cornwall project has hit its own goal of 90% with access to FTTC or FTTP broadband and is working towards a goal of 95% (NOTE: the coverage level at superfast speeds will be lower than these figures).

Ten new communities were announced at the end of August that will benefit from further roll-outs of fibre based broadband.

  • Badgall, Laneast, St Clether and Tregeare are all on the Piperspool that is offering FTTC from three cabinets, these communities appear to be served by Exchange Only lines currently, so will welcome the boost in speeds that will be gained from a FTTC roll-out, or maybe FTTP if the costs are within budget.
  • Nancledra, is on the Cockwells exchange and it is very likely this work will be to bring FTTC to properties served by cabinet 81 on that exchange.
  • Philleigh, Polhendra, Trethewell, Trewithian and Rosevine are all on the Portscatho exchange and it looks like once more this is work to bring a fibre based service to communities currently served by Exchange Only lines.

One of the reasons Cornwall has a high proportion of FTTP in its roll-outs is that if the project had stuck with a fully FTTC based roll-out it would probably have only managed a figure of 70% with access to superfast type speeds. The story in Cornwall is far from complete, there is a new project in the planning stages to address the final 5% and it will be interesting to see how that is accomplished technologically compared to the Westminster plans for the final 5%.


Really!?, what percentage of the 90% with so called access have a connection speed that is even recognisable as being super fast or reliable.

  • AXL74
  • over 6 years ago

Well I am on the St. Keverne exchange and was an EO line about a mile from the exchange. I have had FTTC for nearly a year at around 24Mps.
However other people in the village on the same exchange are still waiting for fibre and have been told it should be some time next year.
It seems to me that they could hit their target faster by tackling what must be easy customers to link up first, or are they already including all the St. Keverne lines in their number? Surely not!?

  • GrahamMills
  • over 6 years ago

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