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Shorwell plays host to first gap funded cabinet on Isle of Wight

The last of the first phase of BDUK projects has now started to deliver with orders now being accepted for properties connected via cabinet 4 in Shorwell (Brightstone exchange) on the Isle of Wight.

"This will make a massive difference for both myself and my wife. We are big internet users and this will enable us to work far faster and more efficiently. “As well as the major work benefits for both of us it will also be a great help with everyday things such as streaming television programmes and online shopping, as well as booking holidays and family history research. It will also be a real help with contacting our children on the mainland and relatives overseas."

David Lumley, lives in Shorwell and works from home one day a week

The cabinet serves some 240 residents and businesses. Of course we can expect lots of complaints that FTTC does not deliver the same speed to everyone, that said it was clear from day one that the sum of money offered by the Government and the number of premises to be covered meant that FTTH was never going to be the dominant technology. What the projects are achieving is a widespread baseline service and looking at it positively, if there is real demand for FTTH type speeds there is scope for others to roll-out the competing infrastructure.

On the Isle of Wight the intervention hopes to bring fibre based broadband to an extra 20,000 properties beyond the existing commercial roll-outs, and our own estimate is that 89% of the island should get access at speeds of 30 Mbps or faster (rising to 91% at 24 Mbps. This figure will be higher once Wight Cable coverage is accounted for, but no data is forthcoming to allow this to be added to the calculations. The project is aiming for 95% of the island to have access at superfast speeds, which seems perfectly possible and we will keep tracking and refining our figures in an attempt to make sure projects do deliver what they say on the tin.


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