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Origin fails to migrate customers away from Digital Region before it closes

Everyone has known that the troubled Digital Region project was due for closure for a year now, and numerous news items have detailed how people can migrate themselves away to an ADSL2+ or Openreach FTTC based service if available.

Alas it seems that Origin Broadband who in the middle of July sent out a letter seemingly reassuring customers that they would be moved over to a new network built by Origin has managed to not meet the deadline people and businesses are now left with no connectivity. We believe that Origin was planning to buy a TalkTalk wholesale service and do migrations ahead of the closure, but as is often the case with small providers and bulk migrations things have not gone to plan. Those affected and left with no broadband service are now rightly angry with the situation and we would expect very few will stay with Origin even if they fix the problems on Monday 18th.

The closure seems to have happened as expected at 00:01 on 15th August 2014, so exactly why Origin Broadband has been caught out is unknown. Rumours abound that Origin is just waiting for tags to clear to order services on the new platform and if that is the case they should have warned customers rather than gamble on people not noticing as many will be on holiday.

For those left with no broadband due to the closure of Digital Region and who are not already in possession of a Migration Authorisation Code (and reports in the last few months were that these were hard to get hold of) and want broadband as soon as possible then a move to a full LLU ADSL2+ service (fully unbundled) with TalkTalk and Sky is likely to be the best option. For those picking other providers, you may find some providers simply rejecting the order due to a tag (remains of Digital Region), that should be cleared by those winding up the project now but this may take time. An alternative is for the new provider to push through via the Tag Helpline which is designed to help in cases where a provider vanishes.


Well it seems Origin are now even banning their own customers from their Facebook pages and deleting posts by unsatisfied customers - they've also banned the team at drlforum who have been helping customers seeing Origin do not look to be helping them

  • walkerx
  • over 6 years ago

There is lots of angry Origin users who have been left without any broadband due to Origins failure to get a grip of the situation.The bottom line is they have left it too late before they have acted.Many users on their Facebook page have had comments removed for complaining.So glad I got out just over 2 weeks ago.From a company 2 years ago that promised so much they have turned into a shambolic disgrace.

  • rayvon
  • over 6 years ago

"Everyone has known that the troubled Digital Region project was due for closure..." is a bit of a sweeping statement.

If you check out their facebook account, you will see that a lot of people haven't had any notification of closure. I myself have had no email, letter of phone call stating that there would be substantial downstime (lukcily I use drlforum so this wasn't news to me).

Origin has an obligation to keep it's customers informaed of such large scale changes. Their website doesn't even carry this news....

  • hippo
  • over 6 years ago

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