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Confusion in Wells over area marked as not getting superfast broadband

A storm is brewing in Wells, Somerset over a part of the city that is apparently not being considered for improvements under the Connecting Devon and Somerset programme.

"It is galling that dozens of villages and hamlets in rural Devon have fibre optic connections yet large swathes of Wells, the commercial centre for the Mendips for the past thousand years, are not seen as a priority."

Judith Ludovino from Wells Chamber of Commerce

As we like to do we have done some checking and verified which cabinets the properties in that area are served by in this hole in the coverage (visit the official CDS Map and search for BA5 2DX) near Tucker Street. All the postcode location information from Ordnance Survey agrees with the postcode locations but oddly we cannot find the postcode that covers this excluded area if one exists. We suspect that this may be a mapping flaw when trying to plot all the postcode boundaries, because BA5 2DX covers all the properties in a block of terraced houses called Davis Terrace which is much larger than the small under evaluation marker the postcode receives. Similar things with some of the other postcodes served by cabinet 17 around Tucker Street.

BA5 1UE, BA5 2HU, BA5 2AW, BA5 2BX, BA5 2AU, BA5 1TE, BA5 2HP, BA5 2BB, BA5 2HS, BA5 2DE, BA5 1TS, BA5 2HF, BA5 2DF, BA5 2HG, BA5 2HH, BA5 2HN, BA5 2DA, BA5 2DB, BA5 2BQ, BA5 2HB, BA5 2HD, BA5 2HE, BA5 2EA, BA5 1UD, BA5 2DD, BA5 2BY, BA5 2BZ, BA5 2BD, BA5 2DX, BA5 2DY, BA5 2EF, BA5 2DZ, BA5 2ED, BA5 1UF, BA5 1SZ, BA5 2DT, BA5 1TZ, BA5 2EQ, BA5 2DR, BA5 2HT

Postcodes fully or partially served by cabinet 17

The list of postcodes that cabinet 17 serves is such that if the cab was not in the under evaluation section the hole in the map would be much larger. It is possible there is one or two buildings server by an Exchange Only line but our manual checking has not found any when checking by full address on the public BT Wholesale checker. Also most of the properties in this area are given predicted ADSL2+ speeds of 10 to 19 Mbps.

So while the majority of Wells is still in the under evaluation colour we are pretty confident for most or all of the cabinets the status will flip to coming soon in the near future and FTTC will arrive.

A map detailing the roll-out till October 2014 shows cabinets 8, 11 and 22 are due to be live by October 2014 in Wells and this is reflected on the main CDS map.


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