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10,000th live customer on Jersey Gigabit fibre network

Jersey Telecom (JT) have passed a milestone, the 10,000th customer is now live and taking a service from the Fibre to the Home network that is being rolled out across the island and will replace the old copper network.

"I am delighted to have been switched to the new fibre network and so far my family and I have been very impressed with the improvements in internet speed, reliability and the whole installation experience. As the 10,000th fibre customer we are being given the Gigabit service for a year which is something we might not have chosen for ourselves but it is very exciting as we now have the opportunity to experience superfast broadband in our own home. I’m sure this will change the way we use the internet in the future and we’re looking forward to seeing the many new ways we can enjoy it as a family."

Dr Kathleen Flambard on being the 10,000th customer

This is some 1,600 new sign-ups in 6 to 7 weeks as a figure of 8,479 subscribers was reported in June. The price of the Gigabit service at £59.99 is not that high for the speeds it provides, but the it will be interesting to see the feedback on the usage allowance of just 100GB per month (unmetered overnight). With digital download games often breaking 20GB in size (e.g. Titanfall on Xbox One) a house with a penchant for buying games online and also watching streamed TV may find itself hitting the allowance before the end of a month.

The JT Fibre roll-out is set to complete by the end of 2016, which should see 42,000 premises using the FTTH/FTTP network.


When comparing prices, it's important to note that Jersey's sale tax is only 5%. So that £60 would be almost £70 with UK level VAT.

  • TheEulerID
  • over 6 years ago

Either way, you have to give them credit for have the foresight to rollout a network like this. You can argue about the speeds and prices but these can be changed over time as demand comes.

  • Superfast
  • over 6 years ago

The Jersey decision was essentially a political one, and the conditions that enabled it don't exist in the UK.
It would take a complete regulatory change in the UK to do such a thing, not to mention running up against EU rules. (Also Jersey is small and more densely populated than Surrey).

  • TheEulerID
  • over 6 years ago

Also customers are being given no option
All the Jersey DSL equipment is being shut down - customers are merely been given the new fibre FTTP prices/packages - either agree or be shut off.

Can you imagine that the UK. The outraged demanding they should be able to continue with their £8pm BB contract!
The plusnet forums would go into meltdown....

  • mdar5
  • over 6 years ago

Exactly my point. Literally no organisation in the UK has the power to order a national forced switch to fibre. It's only been sanctioned by Ofcom as a trial in a village location without any LLU.
It's doubtful even the government could legislate for it on a national basis given EU laws as it would impact private investments by numerous companies including VM and LLU operators without even considering the BT issues.
Anyway, the German government is threatening to do something, so we'll see what they come up with given they are meant to be similarly constrained.

  • TheEulerID
  • over 6 years ago

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