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Fibre in the village, who is the fastest of them all?

KC as the incumbent telecoms company in the Hull area is rolling out a FTTP heavy network as it prepares for the challenges of a total digital economy and is promoting the news that Brantingham in East Yorkshire has got an average download speed of 78 Mbps.

The village is small is with a population of 370 and the average appears to have been calculated based on the products people have purchased and feedback from the installations which are all FTTP based in the village. KC do sell a 350 Mbps package for those who want rare download speeds, but the upload is a little slow at just 20 Mbps.

Is this the fastest village in the United Kingdom, well B4RN for one would contest the claim, and in the more commercial world Gigaclear has a number of village locations where its Gigabit service is available. The one village that trumps them all though is East Village (E20) which is the 2012 Olympics athletes village where Hyperoptic is set by the end of the month to have its symmetric Gigabit service available to 3,000 apartments. The East Village complex also has Openreach FTTP services available (maximum 330 download, upload 30 Mbps), making it perhaps the one location where we will see two FTTP providers going head to head.

While the Virgin Media cable roll-out is also seen as largely urban, it is available in some villages e.g. Alveston, South Gloucestershire and while we have speed test results in the village of around 3,000 residents we would need a lot more information from Virgin Media to see if they can beat the KC 78 Mbps figure.

Update 4:35pm Gigaclear has come back to us after we enquired and for Appleton with Eaton in Oxfordshire where take-up is running at 43%, the figures they calculate based on package purchased is 362 Mbps (assumption has been made that those not taking Gigaclear can get a 1 Mbps ADSL service), and if everyone took the £4.80 boost to 1 Gbps for 48 hours this would raise the village average even higher.


So what's the point? We now have fibre optic in our Somerset village but having looked into the extra cost I 'm staying with normal BBand where I get 6.5Mps which meets all my needs. This rush to ever faster speeds leaves me bewildered: am I missing out?

  • MissMoppet
  • over 6 years ago

Slightly; Everyone has different uses they need internet connections for.

Our village (Nether Stowey) recently got FTTC and even though we had 20Mbps Down & ~1Mbps Up before, We now get 80 Down and 20 Up which is far better.

The point is for many, speeds at 6.5Mbps (For example) is very slow for downloading and with the ever increasing sizes of games, movies.etc you're going to need a faster connection. Social Media is also another thing and a 1Mbps upload can be very frustrating. These Fibre Packages solve this for many people.

  • chris6273
  • over 6 years ago

You're only missing out once your current connection can't give you what you need/want, with a level of convenience you are willing to accept for the money you pay.

6.5Mbps is mostly fine, but will prove lacking for higher-definition video streams, and when multiple people (esp teenagers) in the household want to do such things in parallel.

It all depends on *you*.

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

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