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Massive £125 Sainsbury's gift card for new BT Infinity customers

Running until 12th August 2014, BT Consumer division has a new set of offers on its ADSL2+ and fibre based Infinity services. ADSL2+ based product orders get a £75 Sainsbury's gift card and Infinity get a higher value £125 gift card.

The existing price offers largely remain the same, but there is the introduction of a new lower price offer on the entry level Infinity service, where the 20GB usage allowance service is priced at £5/month for six months, rising to £10/month until the end of the contract when the price rises to £18/month. If people are willing to re-contract after the 18 months it is not uncommon to be able to negotiate a lower price point once again, but this makes things more difficult if you want to switch provider as there will be contract termination charges to consider then.

While the limited usage services from BT and other providers can be attractive price wise, when buying a faster service we would recommend looking at one of the unlimited services, since if you start to use video streaming you can easily use 3GB of data in just one hour.


BT must be desparate, trying to tempt a few more potential customers with Sainsbury Gift Vouchers for its DSL products many people have no interest in.

Instead of wasting so much money on dubious voucher schemes, or adventures like BT Sports, it would have been much better for this company to actually invest in fibre broadband, and to focus on telecom services.

  • JNeuhoff
  • over 6 years ago

so i assume you will not be availing youtself of a fibre broadband product once your small Market ! exchange in rural essex is enabled for Fibre broadband under BDUK -- (assuming your cab is enabled)

  • fastman
  • over 6 years ago

:) many people have no interest in ?

Most subscribers in the uk, someone must be interested

You have to invest in other areas to survive like the other large telcos have. Even FTTP providers do discounts and offers showing that pure fibre doesn't even sell itself

  • GMAN99
  • over 6 years ago

The concept of a usage limit on a superfast broadband has always amused me.

  • madkingsoup
  • over 6 years ago

@makingsoup I regularly only use 2 - 3 GB per month. Superfast would mean that I could upload my photos very quickly and download any updates without having to nip off for a coffee. I can watch catchup tv at the moment without buffering but I wouldn't watch any other content just because it was faster.

  • broadband66
  • over 6 years ago

@fastman: I assume you are talking about VDSL, not fibre broadband? No, we'd probably not use VDSL if it were available, there are better options in our area from other companies.

  • JNeuhoff
  • over 6 years ago

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