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Spectrum Internet bring Gigabit fibre to Welsh business park

Hopefully there are other business parks in Wales with access to superfast broadband speeds already, but Spectrum Internet is proud of its achievement to bring high quality services to Cardiff Gate International Business Park as part of the SuperConnected Cities scheme, making it the first business park in Wales to benefit from the scheme.

"We are delighted to be providing businesses on Cardiff Gate International Business Park with a superfast service. Many business parks across Wales suffer with a poor broadband service and both the parks and their tenants are at risk of losing business because of this. For business parks in participating Super Connected cities this is a great opportunity to be more appealing to tenants who are attracted by fast broadband speeds."

Giles Phelps, Managing Director of Spectrum Internet

The business park looks to be connected to cabinet 9 on the Llanedeyrn exchange for existing Openreach based services and has estimated speeds of 3 to 7 Mbps and currently no visible sign of plans to bring FTTC to the area via the larger Superfast Cymru project. These slow speeds mean that competitively priced higher speed services starting at £50 per month will be in demand and Spectrum Internet can deliver varying levels of service from 100 Mbps to Gigabit leased lines.

Spectrum Internet has been very popular in Cardiff acquiring 78% of the vouchers delivered by the SuperConnected Cities scheme in Cardiff, with businesses using the voucher to pay for the initial connection to the network. The vouchers vary in value from £200 to £3,000 and can only be used for the connection costs, not on-going monthly fees and VAT is payable at 20% on the value of the voucher. Spectrum Internet has more detail on what they are offering via the scheme on a dedicated website and is also offering services via the scheme in Newport and Bristol.

In theory leased lines and Ethernet based services are available across most of the UK, but installation costs and on-going fees are generally too high for small businesses. So by Spectrum Internet adding their infrastructure in the hope of acquiring business we are seeing a scheme that is increasing levels of competition with significantly smaller levels of investment by the public purse than schemes like FibreSpeed that is now seeing overbuild by the Superfast Cymru project.


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