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Isle of Wight broadband project close to delivering first live cabinets

Good news for those who live and work on the Isle of Wight, the superfast broadband project for the island is very close to delivering its first concrete improvements. Cabinets have started to arrive at the BT depot in Ryde and Shalfleet and Shorwell are expected to be the first live locations with the current expectation that orders will be possible in summer 2014.

Looking at the maps for the Isle of Wight we believe the most likely two cabinets will be Cab 4 in Shorwell (on Brighstone exchange) and Cab 1 in Shalfleet (on Calbourne exchange). These two cabinets cover some 380 premises and just the first steps to bring better fibre based broadband to some 20,000 premises by the projects completion in autumn 2015.

While the precise plans for the island are still a closely guarded secret with just one vague phase roll-out map available from the project we have been able to plot the estimated speed for those postcodes connected to Openreach cabinets on the island and you can browse the map and checkout what you might eventually get, if every cabinet was to get a fibre twin. What is going to happen to the various Exchange Only clusters will only be found out as the project progresses.

Overall ignoring the availability of WightFibre (we have no usable coverage data for them) we estimate 89% of lines will have access to a superfast service if just FTTC is deployed at speeds of 30 Mbps and faster (91% with lower 24 Mbps threshold). If some of the exchange only lines are addressed this will rise to a higher figure, and combining with WightFibre will push the overall figure even higher.


One of the new cabinets was today placed into position alongside SDBRGHS3 which serves the centre and most heavily populated parts of Brighstone. Ducting and cabling is still to be carried out

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