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Northmoor FTTH network now under construction

Northmoor in Oxfordshire is very close to experiencing the joy of full fibre to the premises connectivity as Gigaclear started the construction of the FTTH network in the Parish at the end of May 2014.

The project should result in some 521 properties having the ability to order a FTTH service from Gigaclear and mean that they will be able to jump from seeing speed test results of just 0.3 to 2 Mbps to the 800 Mbps type speeds posted by others nearby in Appleton.

"Construction of the new pure fibre network here in Northmoor started at the end of May and the crews are making great progress building the new infrastructure. The project will run on this month and in July we expect to be delivering symmetric Gigabit Internet access to the homes and businesses of Moreton, Northmoor and Bablock Hythe.

Serving this very rural and spread out community has been made possible through the support of West Oxfordshire District Council and the Rural Community Broadband Fund. We are confident that this quiet communications revolution will transform the lives and prospects of all it serves."

Matthew Hare, Chief Executive of Gigaclear

A key part of the Northmoor deployment is a lower priced service option of £23/month for a symmetric 2 Mbps product (unlimited usage), which may sound expensive but since there is no requirement for voice line rental which usually costs £11 to £16 to month it is more reasonable. For those who want a phone line a VoIP based service with unlimited landline calls is available for £6/month.


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