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Prices lowered for extra storage on BT Cloud service

BT has announced a change to the cost of extra storage on its BT Cloud service. All retail BT Broadband customers get a free allowance of 5GB on the ADSL2+ and Infinity 1 products, with Broadband Extra and Infinity 2 customers getting a higher allowance of 50GB. The change is that now if you want extra storage the monthly cost has come down, an extra 50GB on top of your free allowance is £3/month, or for an extra 500GB the price is £9/month.

On Monday Microsoft announced changes to their OneDrive plans to increase the free allowance and reduce the cost of extra capacity e.g. 200GB costs $3.99 per month, though as yet it does not appear to have reached the UK version of OneDrive.

Backing up the family videos and photos to cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular and plenty of digital cameras support uploading via WiFi to make it even easier to backup holiday images when away from home and the increasing resolution of the pictures and video we take means that 1GB of storage can vanish very quickly.

Dropbox is perhaps the best known name in the cloud storage game, and Google has its Google Drive storage which also ties in with their Chromebook devices that rely on cloud storage and the majority of devices have 100GB of free online storage for two years and for a short time a 60 day Google Play Music All access offer. cnet has a round-up of cloud storage pricing for the most popular services.

An important thing for people uploading large archives/files is the maximum file size on each service, BT Cloud supports a maximum file size of 5GB, OneDrive has a 2GB limit, Dropbox is 10GB for web uploads, Google Drive supports up to 1TB files.


This cloud storage is a pretty useless service for BTs ADSL2+ users. E.g. assuming the average upload speed of ADSL2+ is 1mbps, it would take more than 10 hours just to upload a meager 5GB to the cloud storage.

  • JNeuhoff
  • over 6 years ago

Of course the upload on ADSL2+ affects all cloud services and with the good upload speeds on FTTC it is one reason some are picking it over Virgin Media.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 6 years ago

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