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GTC picks FTTH as its standard broadband infrastucture for new homes

GTC are not new in the news, they featured two months ago with the announcement of a FTTH deployment in Upper Heyford and ISPreview has spotted their latest news on full fibre optic networks.

GTC is a utility provider to the building industry and has embraced an ultra-fast broadband future with the announcement that any new builds where they are contracted to provide a broadband service this will use a full fibre optic network (FTTH/FTTP) and the standard speed will be 300 Mbps. As well as Internet access speeds that are double the fastest that Virgin Media currently sells the fibre network will also offer Sky TV and telephone calls, thus avoiding the blight of satellite dishes and TV aerials that upset so many building designers. The FIRS network for the Sky TV we believe carries the basic free-to-air channels with residents then able to add the standard premium packages as and when they want to.

The real question now is how many property developers will buy into options like this, all too often we hear on our forums that people have moved into a new build and discover it has previous decade broadband speeds only, but maybe times are changing and enough people are asking about broadband speeds before signing on the dotted line that developers are changing.

The EU has made noises to ensure all new builds are broadband ready at a basic level but we would like to see this taken further. Ultra fast (100 Mbps as a minimum) Internet access should be ranked alongside the delivery of clean safe drinking water in the EU for new build properties, there is nothing we know of stopping the UK Government mandating this along with all the other property regulations that exist. Potentially it does not even need national legislation, planning authorities that are looking to the future could include fibre to the home as a pre-requisite for granting permission on a development.


I see no obstacle to mandate that all new housing developments above a certain size should be equipped with 100mbps broadband along with the proviso that it's a wholesale service.

Of course, there do have to be certain thresholds as, clearly, the costs to provide such services to a couple of houses in a remote are are not the same as for an apartment block in a city centre.

  • TheEulerID
  • over 6 years ago

cost wise for the most part is fitting 1 network cable to each room from the basement, bust most just have to hope FTTC comes there way

but if they Say they cant afford to Buy a cable that is split 2 pair cable (probably only costs £30 more) use 2 LMBs for Sky+ (less then 1-5 year old flat type buildings skimping on 2x LMB cable but annoyingly installing a 2 LMB socket lol

  • leexgx
  • over 6 years ago

100mbps is far too slow. With Virgin already offering half as much again – and it's very good, I have it myself – I would not like to go back to a slower service. We should be looking to the future and fitting the fastest service available with infrastructure able to take considerably faster as technology improves.

I fitted 10/100 ethernet in my house 10 years ago, it's so out of date nowadays and outclassed by wireless and power line circuits that I don't use it. Gigabit ethernet is also looking slow compared with modern alternatives and of course, both need a cable to device.

  • MacMuser
  • over 6 years ago

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