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Eight villages near Peterborough line up for Gigabit from Gigaclear

It is time for residents of Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Marholme, Pilsgate, Tallington and Ufford near Peterborough to unite and express their interest in getting fibre to the home from Gigaclear.

Gigaclear has announced plans to bring its Gigabit capable service to the above eight villages (around 1,500 properties) and is looking to piggy back the backhaul onto the CityFibre metro network which is a new 90km fibre optic network in the city. Gigaclear has developed a plan that will allow the either villages to be connected, it just needs those in the villages to express their initial interest and subsequent to that reach the trigger level for the number of orders for the actual network construction to commence.

"We had heard about the CityFibre project in Peterborough and were aware of Gigaclear’s rural broadband capabilities and decided that rather than go for a stop-gap solution that extends the life of our existing copper based communications, we wanted something that guarantees speeds to all residents for now and the future. Campaigning through Peterborough City Council we have managed to get these leading communications providers to take our area seriously."

Ken Otter, Tallington Broadband Champion

We know others have tried to get Gigaclear to develop a plan for their area, but a key aspect of their plans is reasonably priced backhaul available that can cope with several villages worth of people with 50 to 1000 Mbps broadband connections.

For residents wanting to find out more keep an eye out for local campaigns which are usually the visible pre-cursor as demand is built for the roll-out.


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