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Karoo Reduces Cost of ADSL in Hull Area

Kingston Communications who run the Karoo ADSL service have just announced a drop in the cost of their ADSL service. They are also introducing a lower contention ratio product for home users, so while slow to act to the pricing pressures outside the Hull area, they have done something that many would like BT Wholesale to do also. For those that arent aware Kingston Communications services exclusively the Hull/Humberside area of the UK.

The new prices are:
Scheme     Monthly Rental (inc VAT)
Rapid Time Std £28.99
Rapid Time Pro £38.99

Rapid Time Standard is a 50:1 contention service with a 1GB per day download limit.
Rapid Time Pro reduces the contention to 30:1 and has no download limit.

The service also appears to have altered in that the Karoo modem is no longer compulsory and is an option at £85 inc VAT. Installation costs £85 and Connection is £65 - one presumes the reason for the seperate installation and connection fees is that you can elect to have an engineer visit for £85 + £65 or install it all yourself for £65.


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