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Good news as both fibre cabinets in Collingham, Nottinghamshire go live - UPDATED

Nottinghamshire has started the ball rolling on getting fibre cabinets live in the county as part of the £20m BDUK project which aims to get 95% of the county with access to a superfast broadband service.

The first two cabinets and the only two cabinets (PCP1 & PCP2) on the Collingham exchange are now open for orders and combined serve around 500 properties.

Unfortunately, digging around as we are prone to do as we go beyond the photo opportunity it is clear that while many in the village should already get reasonable speeds due to the proximity of the exchange, some 51% of premises are actually on Exchange Only lines, i.e. enabling these two cabinets will make zero difference. There is also a cluster of around 60 premises in South Scarle (NG23 7JJ) who are too far from PCP1 to get a fibre based service (the checker does not mention WBC FTTC as a product option for these people. Our calculations for premises on this exchange suggest 38% will get superfast speeds (>= 30 Mbps), 51% are EO based and 15% are unlikely to see any speed boost from the cabinets due to line length. At this time we are not aware of any plans to resolve the EO lines in Collingham.

Across the wider county of Nottinghamshire EO lines are not such a large problem at around 5% of premises and with cable coverage at 65% we calculate a fairly good superfast figure of 93%, with perhaps 2% getting speeds of 24 Mbps to 30 Mbps. In effect if the project simply enables every green street cabinet, they look likely to hit the projects current target i.e. '95% of Nottinghamshire’s premises are expected to be able to access a fibre network, capable of delivering superfast broadband, by March 2016'. While Nottinghamshire has some 5% of EO lines, once you take account of ADSL/ADSL2+ speeds our estimate is just 1.5% will need work to bring them above the 2 Mbps Universal Service Commitment threshold on top of the fibre cabinet roll-out.

Update Friday 13th We have been informed that there are plans to address to EO line issues in Collingham and work is likely to take place by the end of Spring 2015. This should significantly improve the superfast coverage in Collingham. It is not possible to estimate the result yet, since with work to address Exchange Only lines the fibre cabinet can be either just outside the exchange or closer to the main cluster of properties if further from the exchange.


Edge demand is better driven or satisfied by core providers. They have a holistic view of demand and with balanced settlements (not 2-sided revenues) we can see centralized procurement drive much greater demand. The core provides geometric growth and uptake and infinite demand. The current balkanized, edge access, service provider model only offers linear growth and scale.

  • Infostack
  • over 6 years ago

This must be a record, Andrew. A project giving a direct, useful answer on an EO question! And at the time that the initial work is being done

It suggests that the initial phase-survey/planning work now includes the EO element. Even if the actual deployment work gets put off until later, the planners have taken it into account...

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

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