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One or two years free broadband and other offers on Sky Bundles

We have just updated our Sky listings to match the offers that launched on the 12th June and for those who have been looking for a TV, phone and broadband bundle this may be a good time to sign up as there are multiple incentives.

The Original, Family and Movies bundle qualify for 12 months free unlimited broadband (ADSL2+ and still a 12 month contract), plus the £125 reward where you choose whether to receive it as a M&S voucher, Tesco Gift Card or pre-paid MasterCard is running. The first six months on each bundle are at a reduced price too saving £10.75 per month in those first six months.

The Sports Bundle and Complete Bundle increase the period of free broadband from 12 months to 2 years but still retain a 12 month contract (if you cancel Sports element after the minimum term the broadband becomes chargeable). The £125 reward is still applicable and on the Sports Bundle you get a reduced price of £32.75 per month in the first six months, rising to £43.50(*) per month and after two years the broadband will add another £7.50 per month. The Complete Bundle is £56.50/m for six months, then £67.25(*) until the end of the two year period.

Update 16th June (*) Sky TV prices will increase on 1 September. In accordance with their standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.

Existing Sky TV customers can add Sky Sports to their package and benefit from the two years free broadband, simply sign into the Sky Portal, activate Sky Sports 5 and redeem your broadband offer.

For those new to Sky and chasing more speed while wanting to order a TV package with a fibre based service, the Sports Bundle and Complete Bundle are available with an up 38 Mbps download (up to 9.5 Mbps upload) service at the reduced price of £10/m for 12 months, returning to the standard £20 per month thereafter.

For existing Sky TV customers there is the option of unlimited broadband at £3.75/month for 12 months and for those who are not interested in TV packages and just want broadband you can get ADSL2+ for £5/m for the first 12 months, then £10/month. A £25 M&S voucher is also part of this offer.

Existing Sky TV and new standalone customers can get the fibre broadband service for £10/month for the first six months, rising to the standard £20 after that. New customers to Sky also qualify for a £25 M&S voucher.

IMPORTANT All Sky broadband packages require the addition of voice line rental from Sky, which is charged at £15.40 per month, this includes free calls at weekends to landlines.


How about they make existing products more tempting. Eg reduce their standard FTTC price to (at least) match that of Plusnet's superior 38/19.5 product @£14.99pm

  • joe_pineapples
  • over 6 years ago

It's all very complicated isn't it, lol!

I vote for simplification of bundles and deals, and straightforward pricing.

  • csimon
  • over 6 years ago

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