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The Internet Matters and so does safety

The Government has been pressuring Internet Providers to show a full commitment to online child safety for some time, and the most visible result of this has been the introduction of parental controls by the four major broadband providers. The difference to previous controls available is that these work at the network level and thus filter any device that is online via a homes connection.

As an additional part of this commitment to show they are taking child safety seriously and thus avoid the need for legislation the providers have now launched a website InternetMatters which has the aim of explaining the major issues around child safety.

The new site is more than just a series of links to each of the providers parental control guides, it aims to provide information for parents or guardians and gives suggested variations in how you deal with children based on their age, the idea being you as children get closer to 18 you give them more freedom so that they can learn to keep themselves safe online.


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