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How far behind is the UK?

Computing has published an item critical of the UK’s position in the global broadband league tables as compiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). They place the UK at 22nd in their table of 30 countries in this latest leaked report, exactly the same position as in October 2001.

This lowly rank in the league table is based on data from before February 2002 – OECD confirm this with their statement “BT's price cuts in February have had a positive impact, but OECD has not included the effect in its figures”. One hopes that this is made clear when the report is finally published, as the figures are already 4 months out of date. In reality the level of orders jumped around this time from 2000 a week to the current 10,000 a week, mainly due to Pipex’s special offers, the large BT Wholesale price cuts and the move to self-installation. This five fold increase in demand should have hopefully moved the UK a couple of positions up the league table.

We find it odd that Computing can draw the conclusion that very little has changed given that we now have over 200,000 ADSL users and are adding them at 10,000 a week now.


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