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Sky adds 70,000 broadband customers in the last quarter

The latest set of results from BSkyB are now in the public domain and the broadband arm of Sky continues to grow adding 70,000 customers in the last quarter to give them a grand total of 5,197,000 broadband customers.

The growth would have been higher if it was not for the higher levels of churn from old O2/Be broadband customers, which apparently had an impact of 20,000 to 30,000 on the quarter's customer numbers. Looking at the anecdotal evidence on our user forums, we suspect that it is mainly old Be customers who are leaving for pastures new, due to a mixture of communications issues in the last year, the change has made them shop around for the first time in years and a mixture of issues after migration with some subsequently migrating away.

The Sky LLU network has stopped expanding for now, with 2,355 exchanges and 77% of the LLU customers are on a full LLU network. The operator has some 205,000 customers using broadband on the BT Wholesale network via the more expensive Sky Connect product. Alas no news on the number of fibre customers, suggesting take-up is still low for Sky. With the recent signing to sell FTTP in York once CityFibre connect homes one hopes that Sky is planning to ramp up promotions for fibre based services, be they cabinet or FTTP based.

The popularity of using the Sky set-top box to access catch-up TV and box sets is clear with some 50% of TV customers with their box connected to the Internet (4,952,000).

NOW TV which forms the core of how Sky is ensuring that if Internet TV viewing becomes the norm that they are front and centre we assume is growing, but there have been no customer figures published since its launch. The good news is that it will be coming to the Sony PS4 this summer along with Sky Go.


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