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Will BT Retail have an unfair advantage?

An article on advocates that BT Retail perceive their above-average priced ‘no ISP’ service as being better than existing DSL services.

Angus Porter from BT Retail suggests that merging the provision of DSL and the telephone service will result in customers experiencing fewer problems. He cites an example about a customer going on holiday and forgetting to pay his phone bill. On his return, he finds that his line is cut off and has it re-activated. Under the present scheme, the DSL service must be separately re-activated whereas under the new scheme, this would be automatic.

This closer relationship that Mr Porter expresses will be of concern to ISPs who cannot offer the same service. BT Retail will be in a unique position to exploit this advantage of direct access to fault repairs, etc. It appears to be a BTwholesale product designed by and tailored for BT Retail.

The new products may be better for some customers, but there are disadvantages. For example, it is only available on the Home 500 service with a dynamic IP address.


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