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Openreach signs new five year mapping deal with Ordnance Survey

Mapping is something that many take for granted when resources like Google Streetview at just a click or two away, but collating and integrating map layers is a time consuming process. The scale and costs of the mapping needed by Openreach are revealed by them signing a new five year deal with Ordnance Survey which is worth some £4.6 million per year.

"This is a strategically important agreement for both organisations and I am looking forward to building on our existing relationship by working on a number of exciting collaborative projects. The new agreement is more than just data, it is about delivering value for Openreach and ultimately supporting Openreach in providing the highest level of products and services to its millions of customers.

The recognition of the importance of location data, services and solutions by businesses has grown significantly over the last five years. Openreach are one of many businesses who benefit from the use of location data - today intelligent data is helping to deliver efficiencies, support growth, underpin decision making and enable greater customer insight.

Andrew Loveless, Commercial Director at Ordnance Survey

Mapping fibre cabients may seem irrelevant now that many have been built, but continual updating of records is needed and if Openreach is eventually to embark on a wider FTTP roll-out, access to accurate mapping will make planning and costing work a lot easier.


"wider FTTP roll-out"

There won't be a wider FTTP roll-out, this is against the very nature of BT.

  • JNeuhoff
  • over 6 years ago

Just a shame we won't be able to see their maps ;)

  • indigobananajam
  • over 6 years ago

Mapping the fibre cabinets might seem irrelevant, but I think you are nearer the mark for it being the start of mapping all fibre in the access network, starting with today's aggregation node.

If you figure on an FTTP rollout to take 20 years, then half or more of the engineering workforce will have changed by the end of it.

And you probably want to capture all the survey work being done for the FTTC rollout as part of that.

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

It's a contract renewal so nothing special. All utilities need to accurately map the location of their assets.

  • Somerset
  • over 6 years ago

Whilst not phone problems, about 1975 when this estate was about 7 years old, the local Electricity Board had to recall a labourer who had been retired for about 5 years, to locate a joint in one phase, that had failed.

It was like the old Treasure Map instructions - he took so many paces one way, then some more another way etc; and said "Dig here!".

And he was correct.

  • alexdow
  • over 6 years ago

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