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Sky rewards mean £100 cashback on TV bundles

After a quick flash sale a week ago where Sky offered a £100 reward for people signing up to a TV bundle, the online only deal has returned. Anyone signing up to a new Sky satellite TV package from the Original, Family, Movies, Sports or Complete range (£21.50 to £67.25 price range) has a decision to make as to how to receive their £100 reward, either as a £100 prepaid MasterCard, Tesco Gift Card or a M&S voucher.

The only broadband offer that stacks with the TV offer is the six months of up to 38 Mbps fibre based service for £7.50 per month (standard price is £20). The minimum term has increased from 12 months to 18 months (does not affect existing customers). The delivery charge for the Sky Hub which applies to both ADSL2+ and fibre orders has increased to £6.95 this week too. The Sky fibre service is self-install usually, i.e. no need for an engineer to visit your home. If you order the fibre based service without a TV package a smaller £25 M&S voucher is available.

The basic ADSL2+ services are still available at half price for the 12 month minimum term contract, i.e. £3.75/month if you have an existing Sky TV service, or £5/month if you do not subscribe to a TV service. The very observant may spot the up to speed has increased from 16 Mbps to 17 Mbps, this is not down to any technical changes, but simply reflects the fact that Sky can now show 10% of customers on ADSL2+ get 17 Mbps or faster.


Wish I was in that 10%.

  • joe_pineapples
  • over 6 years ago

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