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Areas announced that will benefit from extra broadband funding in Berkshire

While the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF) was not a perfect process and the arguments over mapping could continue for a century, the important news is that some more homes and businesses are set to benefit from extra money in Berkshire.

Berkshire secured funding of £550,000 from the RCBF in its final funding round the Superfast Berkshire website is giving some more detail on the areas to benefit. We have supplemented the list of areas with the information we have also been able to garner. Once all the money has been spent the result should be that an extra 3,330 properties have access to much better broadband with the vast majority enjoying superfast speeds.

  • Aldermaston Cabinets 1 from Silchester, cab 3 from Woolhampton exchange and cabinets 16 and 17 from the Tadley exchange serving Calleva Industrial Estate.
  • Brimpton Cabinet 2 from Woolhampton exchange
  • East Ilsey Believed to be Cabinet 2 which is on the High Street and serves East Isley. Cabinet 1 is in West Ilsey and is possibly going to be part of the main project roll-out. Postcodes RG20 8SR, RG20 8SS, RG20, 8SP and RG20 8SW at around 2.6 miles from the cabinet would not benefit from a FTTC solution. Exact technologies will be part of what the BT survey will figure out.
  • Beenham Cabinet 4 from Woolhampton exchange
  • Compton Cabs 2 and 4 on School Road and the High Street in Compton.
  • Hampstead NorreysCabinets 3 (RG18 9SA) and 5 (RG18 0TE) on the Hermitage exchange
  • Brightwalton Cabinet 1 on the Chaddleworth exchange
  • East Garson Cabinet 1 and the oddly numbered 601 on the Great Shefford exchange
  • Inkpen Cabinet 1

NOTE All of the above is of course subject to survey and discovery of issues that may make a cabinet too expensive to deploy, or if FTTP was chosen for an area (no indications if this is the case for any areas yet) whether collapsed ducting pushes the price up.

There is some bad news though, Aldworth, Ashampstead and Winterbourne which were part of the original 12 areas in the plan were found to be too costly to provision as part of this funding round. It is possible that the Superfast Extension Plan (SEP in civil service speak) that is providing funding for work in the 2015 to 2017 with the aim of national coverage at superfast speeds of 95% may help these and other parts of Berkshire that are not part of the main broadband project for the county.


There is a village in rural West Berks I know who currently get around 0.6Mbps as I recall.
They are outside BDUK - so not being upgraded.
Not covered by this announcement either

So they all look forward with much interest to see how they are going to get the 2Mbps promised for all those missing out in the BDUK SFBB upgrade program.

  • mdar5
  • over 6 years ago

@ mdar5 which village as their is quite a few small villages in West Berks.

The main BDUK project and the RCBF funding will help to cover as much as possible but West Berks will not hit over 90% coverage until the SEP funding is used.

  • ccxo
  • over 6 years ago

Farnborough, South and a bit East of Wantage.
Fed from Chaddleworth exchange - which is about 6.5miles away.

  • mdar5
  • over 6 years ago

@ mdar5, i know the village its off pcp 2 but thats 3.3 miles away, cab is below.

More then likely in the final 5% of coverage, but will have to see how much SEP funding will be taken- still alot of large villages and cabinets to enable.

  • ccxo
  • over 6 years ago

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