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£100 rewards on Sky TV bundles are back for a short time

Sky is continuing its push to get more people signing up and started a flash sale at 9am 8th April that ends at midnight on the 8th April. The sale sees a return of the £100 rewards that the TV/telephone/broadband provider offered a short while, with the £100 available as Tesco gift card, M&S voucher or a pre-paid MasterCard allowing you to spend the money where ever you like.

The sale applies to the five TV packages, which start at £21.50 for the Original Bundle, rising as you add content to the Complete package at £67.25 per month. The standard ADSL2+ half price broadband offers are not available with this offer, but the fibre broadband (FTTC) service can be ordered at the same time and you will get the broadband at £7.50/month for six months rising to £20 thereafter.

There are a few changes planned on Sky broadband products for later this month, the delivery charge for the Sky Hub increases from £2.18 to £6.95 on 14th April. Also orders from 15th April onwards for the fibre services will be subject to an 18 month contract.


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