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Snitterfield celebrates first rural cabinet in broadband partnership

More people today can order a superfast broadband service which is good news. Cabinet 2 on the Snitterfield exchange is live and taking orders and the CSW Broadband Partnership is celebrating this as the first rural community to benefit from the BDUK project in that area.

"The advent of super-fast broadband will make a real difference to the residents and businesses of Snitterfield. From today people can order the new service from their existing Internet Service Provider, or they can choose from a wide range of providers offering a selection of services including bundled telephone calls and even sport or TV on demand. This is just the start of the superfast broadband rollout in Warwickshire. Over the next few months we will be seeing many more areas being connected to the new fibre network and it is good to see the work of the CSW Broadband team coming to fruition."

Councillor Alan Cockburn, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council

Snitterfield exchange features four cabinets and this news covers just cabinet 2, which is right outside the school. We do not know what the plans are for the other 3 cabinets on the exchange, but if there do receive a service we estimate coverage at superfast speeds to be around 72% for this rural area of around 900 premises. Some of the properties that will not benefit are already connected to cabinet 2, (postcodes CV37 0HD to CV37 0HH, around 45 properties) which are too far from the cabinet to benefit. The speeds we have estimated appear generally in line with the Openreach estimates anyone can get from the BT Wholesale checker, though as we presume high levels of crosstalk they are more inline with the impacted figures, so the 72% is close to worst case. Of course until everyone orders the service and is connected any figures even from Openreach are estimates.

People may see the 72% and wonder how this meets the national 90% target, and this is because the national and various county based targets include coverage from commercial deployments, i.e. Virgin Media, Openreach and others.


Cows that graze in Snitterfield have superfast broadband in their field.

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