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Big Brother 3 - charging too much?

As many people know and many people possibly don't care, Big Brother 3 is with us for the next 9.5 weeks, but this years program has changed. It has moved onto a much larger commercial footing by charging £9.99 a month for access to the live streaming media, with 2 weeks free at the start which totals £20 to watch it on-line. For those that feel strongly on the issue an online petition is running at

To a lot of people this is deemed too expensive, it's more than some people pay for their internet access per month, and is 1/3 the cost of most broadband connections. Perhaps an opportunity has been missed here - with broadband in the UK reaching critical mass, it could have driven the demand and probably a lot more people would have sampled it if decent high bandwidth connections (e.g. >300kbps) were possible and the price was £5 per month for broadband users and £2.50 per month for narrowband users.

Lets hope Channel4 and the hosting company have got everything running smoothly since at £9.99 a month, subscribers are going to be very critical of the streaming quality.


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