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North Lincolnshire produces postcode look up map

While the bulk of complaints about the BDUK process revolves around BT and the perceived value for money they are delivering or not (depending on your outlook) the local authorities across the UK are managing to provide lots of variation in terms of information for residents and businesses.

The North Lincolnshire project has now released a map that shows the four intervention areas and actually allows people to enter their postcode and zoom in to see which phase of the roll-out they are likely be covered by. The four phases cover the period April 2014 through to June 2015. The standard caveats apply, i.e. being in a coloured area does not guarantee a superfast speed and also does not guarantee any improvements for your property, they are just indications.

Beyond the caveats the North Lincolnshire project is providing more information than a number of areas, in that rather than just say an area has gone live they appear to be building a list of cabinets that have been enabled via the project. Cabinet 26 which started taking orders on 14th March is located on Swift Drive in Brigg, other cabinets be going live as the current deploy phase for the North Lincs project continues to roll-out.

A quick reminder on the aims in North Lincolnshire, they are looking at 92% of North and North-East Lincolnshire premises having access to superfast broadband and the delivery of a fibre based service via the project should impact some 31,000 premises. The project has funding to the tune of £7.3m, but a large chunk of the ERDF funding (£2.1m in total) is likely to go on things like the business broadband workshops and up to £2,000 of consultancy time for small businesses to help them understand how to exploit broadband.


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