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Satellite Broadband trial kicks off 31st May

BT Wholesale have released a start date for their Satellite service - 31st May 2002. The trial will last for 6 months and include 6 ISP's - Nildram, PlusNet, Eclipse Internet, izR Solutions and KB Media. Who the sixth ISP is we dont know at this time.

Earlier today we speculated on a £20-30 price for the service, but BT have now announced a wholesale fee of £10/month and a one off connection fee of £360 which includes the equipment and dish installation. The basic service is a 256kbps download, with the upstream provided by a land based ISP service since the satellite link is a receive-only service. Higher speeds upto 4Mbps are planned for later in the trial.

One way satellite access is not new - Europe Online have had a service for around 2 years now that is cheaper, but it appears to be a limited access service rather than a full web access service. People should remember that while Satellite access offers higher speed downloads the high latency of 500ms and upwards precludes it's use for online gaming.


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