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MAC migrations do work for those leaving Digital Region providers

The migration of the 3,000 Digital Region customers away from the network that is due to close is underway and when they have all left this will close the chapter on a failed attempt to operate a municipal network like some other European areas have managed.

We gave some advice for those looking to migrate away back in February and Openreach themselves have also produced a short guide that features the full suite of industry acronyms.

Ask4 has confirmed today that the first person to get a valid MAC (Migration Authorisation Cade) appears to have successfully switched provider to an ADSL/ADSL2+ service on Monday 17th March. There are issues with some providers when checking the validity of the manually generated MAC, which is usually solved once people get through to someone who can do more than repeat 'computer says no'.

For those looking to jump direct from FTTC via Digital Region to FTTC via Openreach then there is still no migration path and a cease and provide are the only option. So for those where connectivity is more important than absolute speed, the route of migrating to an ADSL2+ service may be the better option.

NOTE: The issues with FTTC migrations are unique to the sub-loop unbundling used by Digital Region (and some other small providers in the UK) and does not relate to the BT Infinity, Sky Fibre, TalkTalk Fibre services, i.e. those using Openreach GEA-FTTC.


? This article isn't very clear as it mentions migrations working, then states that FTTC migrations aren't.

Is this just for DRL FTTC to openreach ADSL2 migrations? Is so, can the article be altered to make this explicit.?

  • hippo
  • over 6 years ago

How about now?

We do link to both our longer guide, and the full Openreach guide already in the article.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 6 years ago

Thanks (although, and I don;t want to be over critical), I would have changed the title too ;) )

When I read through it, I had my hopes up of a migration route from DRL - it wasn't until the last paragraph it became confusing.. I'm guessing that 99.9% of people on DRL would prefer to migrate to FTTC, so this was the assumption made.

Anyway, thanks again (not only for changing it, but for keeping people updated with DRL news)..

  • hippo
  • over 6 years ago

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