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Stranraer sees FTTC broadband arrive as part of commercial roll-out

The first street cabinet with its fibre twin has gone live in Stranraer, West Scotland. The exchange serves from around 4,500 premises and looks to have a good number of street cabinets, with the majority being enabled by the Openreach commercial roll-out and just two from the Superfast Scotland project.

The cabinet that is accepting orders appears to be cabinet 9, which looks to be located here which is close to DB9 7BN which is now listed as able to order a 71.8 Mbps to 80 Mbps connection. We expect the rest of the commercial cabinets to go live between now and some date in May 2014. The BT press release gives no detail on what may be happening to the Exchange Only lines which appear to comprise around 500 around Charlotte Street which is close to the exchange. We estimate that around 3,100 lines will connect at 24 Mbps or faster, and we will chase BT to find out if there is anything in the pipeline for the exchange only lines.

The BT release re-iterates what we understand as the current aim for Scotland, which is for 85% to be able to order fibre based broadband by the end of 2015 rising to 95% for 2017. So for Stranraer the 2015 target can be met by skipping the exchange only lines, so it may be that across lots of Scotland exchange only lines are waiting till 2017.


> "so it may be that across lots of Scotland exchange only lines are waiting till 2017."

I wonder how many there are plus I wouldn't be surprised if they're probably all still 20CN, they won't get upgraded by 2017 if at all.

  • 21again
  • over 6 years ago

Well they aren't all 20CN, because Stranraer has had WBC since 2012 and also ADSL2+ via full LLU.

There looks to be some 100-200 line exchanges, where there are no cabinets at all, and with some EO in cities able to order Virgin Media the sums become more complex.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 6 years ago

21again - if an exchange is providing FTTC then it's going to have 21CN and most likely ADSL2+ LLU.

  • Unknown101
  • over 6 years ago

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