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South Yorkshire Digital Region closure looming

Users of the Digital Region network in South Yorkshire appear to have been given a soft closure date of 15th May 2014. At least that is what Chess Telecom are telling their customers, the other operators using the network may use slightly different dates, particularly as it is believed that connections will operate for a further three months from that date.

The problem for some Digital Region customers is that there is not always a superfast broadband alternative available, meaning some will have the joy of returning to ADSL or ADSL2+ based services. Migration to an ADSL2+ based service is easy enough, since a MAC can be used, but as far as we are aware no changes have happened to allow a DR to Openreach FTTC migration, without the slightly painful cease and provide route.

The running of the network for 3 months beyond May seems to be to allow the schools that used the service to get alternative arrangements installed over the summer holidays.

The debate over whether an obstinate Openreach in the early years delaying sub-LLU was a big part of the failure or just a slow roll-out by Digital Region is one that will go on in circles for some years, but one certainty is that the expensive failure of Digital Region will have been held up as an example to other areas of the UK as to why the 'lower risk' BDUK projects in conjunction with BT were the way forward. The downside to the BDUK projects being that the 'lower risk' is potentially less future proof and will require further gap funding in the future to push towards 100% superfast coverage.


According to Origin Broadband, Digital Region officially closes on 14th August 2014.
They posted a release on the DRL Forum

  • pobrown
  • over 7 years ago

Which matches 15/05 plus three months.

So it may be variation from the different operators. Guess 14/08 is the hard connection stops working

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 7 years ago

Just wonder how much BT would have done it for compared to the 1xx million thats was wasted with the present setup ? Seems a real shame that parts of South Yorks are now left in a quandry where there is no DR anyway ( due to the rollout being scaled back ) and no funding from BDUK for BT to help out ( due to DR ).

Would have been better if DR had never even happened, if effect its put South Yorks back even further compared to other countys, all IMHO

  • tikka69
  • over 7 years ago

I'm one of those who will be shoved back to sub 2mb speeds on ADSL,no cable,alternative fibre and BT have no plans to upgrade my exchange to FTTC....Gutted to say the least.

  • rayvon
  • over 7 years ago

It's a sad end to a great service

  • 2doorsbob
  • over 7 years ago

I have the option go go with virgin media fibre but looking at the amount of complaints about their poor customer service, poor speeds and over subscription etc it's not worth the hassle. So it will be back to ADSL for me too (It's 2014 and back to subpar 1.5mb speeds?!). I'm gutted!

  • Buggs01
  • over 7 years ago

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