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Next areas of Oxfordshire to get faster broadband announced

The commercial roll-out of fibre based broadband from Openreach is slowly nearing its end, hence why the activity for the 44 gap funded broadband projects is notching up a gear and Oxfordshire is the next county to announce further areas to benefit.

In a newsletter to subscribers on the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website the exchange areas Chipping Norton, Carterton, Wallingford, Witney, Kidlington and Summertown have been announced as the next areas to benefit. Summertown is actually a suburb of Oxford itself and appears to have extensive FTTC and Virgin Media coverage, so one assumes as with some of other areas named this is more about infill work, i.e. enabling those cabinets that just fell outside the commercial criteria.

Alvescot will be the village with the first cabinet enabled as part of the improvements and helps to explain the picture, since it is a long way from the existing exchange (Carterton - which we believe has offered FTTC since May 2012). The switch on date is Friday 21st February at 1pm to 2pm and there will be a meeting at the village hall (OX18 2PU) to mark the occasion.

A quick look at the situation in Alvescot suggests it is cabinet 16 (located at junction of Mill Lane and the Main Road) that will be enabled and this is believed to cover around 125 premises and our estimate is that around 8 will get faster than 60 Mbps, 65 between 40 and 60 Mbps, a further 50 between 30 and 40 Mbps and a handful of properties are likely to be in the 24 to 30 Mbps range. Cabinet 15 serves premises around the Bampton Road (OX18 2PD) area and is 1.5km away.


Summertown is in fact in North Oxford, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Oxford. I suspect an influential person pulled strings to get that done.

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  • over 6 years ago

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