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ICUK now able to supply broadband via superconnected cities scheme

The Super Connected City fund is designed to help businesses who operate in cities where all too often the lower density of premises means that commercial operators have often not rolled out their standard template superfast services, leaving the SME sector with a massive gulf cost wise between ADSL2+ services and leased line products. The superconnected cities vouchers are designed to significantly reduce the setup costs for a better broadband connection for a SME, charity or sole trader and with a value of £250 to £3,000 they will make a big dent in that jump from a standard broadband service to one suitable for business use.

ICUK joined the programme as a supplier on the 23rd January 2014 and has a very informative site that shows which areas of each city they can supply a service in, plus a good number of postcode lists and lots of other information for those wanting to know more about the scheme.

ICUK is able to supply business grade FTTC and FTTP connections, or more traditional leased lines, which is best will depend on your actual business needs and how much you want to spend on your monthly Internet costs. For example you can choose a service level agreement that should see your connection fixed a lot faster than a standard broadband connection, or if contention is currently an issue that affects work perhaps opt for a 1:1 contention based a service.


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