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Pipex makes it harder to resist ADSL

Pipex have upped the stakes again - this time by offering to swap your existing dialup modem for a Fujitsu FDX-310 USB ADSL modem. The full details and conditions of their offer are at, the offer runs until 13th June 2002.

In terms of the offers currently running on ADSL - this has to be one of the best, particularly when combined with the free activation offer that is still running. Pipex have around 20,000 free activations left, as they've connected 20,000 customers in the last few months.

One possible drawback to this offer is that you have to mail your old analogue modem off before you can get your new ADSL modem, which may leave you with no internet connection for a few days - or if there are activation problems with the ADSL you may have no dialup access. Perhaps it shows a lot of confidence on Pipex's part - but I for one would recommend retaining some sort of dialup access even after you have ADSL.

The exchanged modems are going to be given to charity - who recycle computer hardware for re-use in community and education organisations in the poorer countries of the world.


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