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Cumbria superfast broadband roll-out ahead of schedule

There is a problem with the constant criticism of the superfast broadband roll-outs and that is that it may be resulting in people who can actually order the service presuming the talk of two or three years late means it is not available to them, when for more and more premises every week they can actually order the service.

Cumbria appears to be trying to push some positive news on the roll-outs with the snippet that in some parts of the county the roll-out is running ahead of schedule.

The Connecting Cumbria website while following a similar template to the other county projects does include a list of cabinets that have gone live via the project.

Barrow-in-Furness: Rowan Drive junction Redoak Avenue, Walney Road junction, Duke Street, Ratings Lane junction and Welbeck Close

Carlisle: Blackfriar Street junction Victoria Viaduct, The Crescent junction Cummersdale Road, Linstock Village, Rickerby Village, Tarraby Lane junction Well Lane, Fisher Street opposite Market Street, Greystone Road junction Riverside Way, Durdar Road, Beck Road junction Green Lane, Kingstown Broadway, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Acredale Road, Aglionby at junction with A69, Kershope Road, Durdar Road junction Newbiggin Road English Street, York Gardens junction Upperby Road, Kingstown Broadway, Leabank Road, Brunel Way opposite Stephenson Road, Sheehan Gardens, Dobinson Road

Dalton-in-Furness: Ulverston Road, Library Centre, Trafalgar Court and Nelson Street

Lazonby: Great Salkeld, Railroad Bridge, Main Road

Maryport: Hutton Place junction Glasson Industrial Estate, Bridge Street junction Irish Street

Penrith: Yanwath, Castle Drive, Penrith Industrial Estate, Haweswater Road, Catterlen Village

Rockcliffe: Blencarn Park

Ulverston: North Lonsdale Road, Lund Terrace, Ulverston Road junction Rufus Lane, Swarthmoor, Victoria Road opposite Conishead Road, Springfield Road, north of the bridge, County Square, Main Road junction Trinkeld Ave, Swarthmoor, Springfield Road junction The Drive, Victoria Road junction Lightburn Road, Priory Road, Appletree Road junction Yewbarrow Road, Mountbarrow Road junction Meeting House Lane, Urswick Road junction Meeting House Lane, Soutergate junction Church Fields Avenue, Union Street junction Market Street, North Lonsdale Road

Walney: Bristol Street junction Amphitrite Street, Junction of Juno Street and Ocean Road, Solway Drive, Ocean Road junction Amphitrite Street South, Westshore Road side of Eden Road, Black Butts Lane corner Orontes Avenue, Mill Lane opposite Mersey Road, Ocean Road, Bristol Street side of Black Butts Lane, Mill Lane, Teasdale Road, Moor Tarn Lane opposite Southport Drive

Workington: High Street opposite junction of Newlands Lane, Mobet Estate, Lakes Road, Moor Road junction Moorlands Drive, Haverock Road opposite junction Stanley Street, Solway Road, Bowflats, Great Clifton, Scotts Croft junction Chapel Terrace, Little Clifton, Branthwaite

List of live cabinets via BDUK project in Cumbria as of 15th January 2014


I live in Barrow-in-Furness and I've been impressed with how quickly Connecting Cumbria have been getting the fibre cabinets installed since the initial phase of BT's rollout.

I'm hopefully going to be moving soon and luckily the address I'm moving to has just had a Connecting Cumbria/BDUK fibre cabinet installed by it's PCP, of which I'll only be about 265 metres away from, so hopefully in time after it's enabled potentially a good fibre speed should be available to us. For anyone who knows Barrow it is located on Bridgegate Avenue, near the junction with Lesh Lane, cabinet 64.

  • GorillaWheels
  • over 7 years ago

I live in a rural area just south of Carlisle (but still served by the Carlisle exchange) although I don't expect any improvements anytime soon (I currently get 0.5Mb download/0.3Mb upload speeds). It's quite frustrating to see Openreach vans in the area driving past my house regularly.

  • sbeck201
  • over 7 years ago

Connecting Devon and Somerset must be the most secretive BDUK project in the UK. They drip feed a few weeks before the quarter roll-out, then include the commercial areas as if they had something to do with that.

Not that 'my' cabinet is on any plan or in any funding. But that will not stop me highlighting this farce.

Maria Miller may have sent a letter encouraging more openness - but it has not worked here (apart from an unreadable map).

  • TavistockSFB01822
  • over 7 years ago

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