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Shropshire announces next 18 places to benefit from broadband project

The problem with any roll-out that requires something to be built is that it takes time to do the physical work, and while it is very frustrating for those in a county who do not see their area mentioned, the positive side is that at least there is progress being made.

The latest news from BDUK land, is that Shropshire has announced the next 18 areas to benefit from the project that should when it completes see improvements in broadband speeds for some 62,000 homes and businesses. The Connecting Shropshire website calls the locations rural or very rural, but we suspect people living in the locations may disagree.

Alberbury, Aston on Clun, Boningale, Clungunford, Cosford, Cross Lane Head, Halfway House, Little Brampton, Ploxgreen, Pontesford, Purslow, Quatford, Snailbeach, Stoke St. Milborough, Upton Magna, Westbury, Withington and Yockleton

Next wave of areas for fibre based broadband improvements from Spring 2014

In December the first area in the previously announced list went live, i.e. Montford Bridge, also cabinets have gone live in Harlescott and Bicton. The other early areas of Albrighton, Ford, Minsterley and Pontesbury are expected before the end of March 2014.

The Shropshire project is spending some £24.6m of which £16m is public money, which works out at a subsidy of £258 per property. The end result should be that 93% of properties will have access to a fibre based broadband connection by Spring 2016.

Broadband Speeds For Shropshire
Council Median Download Median Upload %'age < 2 Mbps %'age > 30 Mbps
Rest of Shropshire 6.3 Mbps 0.66 Mbps 19.9% 11.4%
Telford and Wrekin (not part of project) 17.8 Mbps 1.85 Mbps 10.4% 39.6%
Based on speed test results analysed in January 2014

We looked at the speeds of the two areas back in November 2013 (which was based on a September 2013 analysis) and it will be interesting to see if the Connecting Shropshire project is able to get closer to the performance of Telford and Wrekin which benefits from commercial FTTC and an extensive Virgin Media cable broadband coverage.


This is being said slightly tongue-in-cheek, but only slightly...

Doesn't Shropshire, apart from Telford, range from rural to very-rural anyway? Perhaps the county doesn't hit the heights of rurality that we see in Cumbria or the Yorkshire Dales, but it rarely strikes me as particularly urban.

The 1st major cross-county route is probably the A5, while the second is probably the Shropshire Union canal ;)

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

Being a resident of shropshire these are certainly rural and in some cases very rural....good news for those communities. Still work to do but a good start...

  • alfiescruff
  • over 6 years ago

"Telford and Wrekin which benefits from commercial FTTC and an extensive Virgin Media cable broadband coverage."

I have FTTC, but its residential, and so do others, the only BTW product not here is FTTP, as W&T Council will not give planning permission for the FTTP Nodes as it thinks VM is good enough for it's residents, not the fact that VM is supplying Phone and BB to all their offices at a rock bottom price. Shrewsbury in Shropshire County has FTTP, but there again, VM does not hold Shrewsbury at ransom.

  • bartman007
  • over 6 years ago

No planning permission is required for FTTP nodes.

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

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