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Freeserve to resell NTL broadband

Freeserve are to begin reselling NTL's cable broadband service in a venture which the ISP claims will add significant competition alongside the BT monopoly. The new service will go live towards the end of this year and customers will benefit from NTL's telephone and television products.

In a recent statement, a Freeserve spokeswoman stated that seven million homes will have access to NTL's cable network by the end of the year, providing Freeserve with the biggest broadband distribution network in the UK. At the moment, there are no indications as to how much the new broadband access will cost, however, it is crucial that Freeserve set prices low to break into the market and attract the attention of consumers.

The ISP has similar plans to join up with Telewest and will promote the product range via its links with high-street retailers such as Dixons.


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