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Openreach FTTP at 1000 apartments in South London

FTTP which is seen as the ultimate broadband connection by many may not have the footprint it should in the UK, but it is gradually growing. The last few days has seen the news that a development of some 1,000 apartments in South London is benefiting from FTTP via Openreach.

New Capital Quay was started in 2008, but went into mothballs for a while, which is oddly not unlike the Openreach FTTP roll-out. The development is just west of Greenwich Pier and comprises of 12 blocks with a supermarket and restaurants as part of the complex.

These new builds appear to have the full fibre solution from Openreach as in addition to the fibre, there is a battery backup installed in each flats utility cupboard so that telephone services using Fibre Voice Access will still operate during a power cut.

Our broadband map that can display recent speed test results for an area is showing people are using the service in the apartments and unsurprisingly all the tests are via a BT Retail Infinity service. This apparent land grab by BT Retail is down to the fact that the other major providers, Sky & TalkTalk have shown no interest in retailing their services in areas where FTTP is actually available.

Openreach is not the only FTTP operator in the capital in apartments, we have in the last day or two updated the coverage information for Hyperoptic to add their footprint in E20 (the old Athletes village) and some apartments in Woolwich.


Great to see hyperoptic getting some connections finally but what about outside London?

  • doowles
  • over 6 years ago

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