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Rural FTTP project announces its supplier partner

We last covered Fibre Garden back in September 2012 when a pre-contract agreement had been reached to make £157,500 of RCBF funding available for the scheme to bring full FTTP to 525 premises in rural Dent and Garsdale in Cumbria.

In the last couple of days the Fibre Garden project in conjunction with the its Technology Group has announced a partnership between the two organisations as the result of a procurement exercise. This means that its Technology Group will build, deliver and manage the rural broadband scheme.

The scheme is also approaching the deadline for those wishing to support the community scheme via a share offer, with the deadline for applications being the 21st December 2013 and aim being to raise £225,000 to add to the RCBF monies. The importance of the project is highlighted by the expected coverage figures for the two parishes once the main BDUK project completes, Dent is expected to have 45% of premises with superfast broadband and a slightly better 55% with access to a 2 Mbps or better solution, Garsdale has no expectation for superfast coverage, but 100% coverage at the Universal Service Commitment speed of 2 Mbps.


So a £300 subsidy per premise connected pays for p2p FTTP solution in the final 5%, while BT get to collect subsidy of >£240 per premise passed for FTTC for areas up to 95%. Oh for some cost transparency!

  • ValueforMoney
  • over 7 years ago

Think you are not counting all the money
suggests that there is "¨ We were the first broadband pilot in the country to receive a pre-contract grant offer from the government under the DEFRA/BDUK scheme, now amounting to 50% of project cost, circa £325,000, or £650 per premise;"

subject to clarification ....if 50% is £650/premise that would be £1300/premise

  • Gadget
  • over 7 years ago

So FTTC looks like very good value for money then!

  • New_Londoner
  • over 7 years ago

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