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Two North East Lincolnshire villages enter the superfast league

A good news story for once, two villages in North East Lincolnshire have managed to persuade Virgin Media to expand its cable broadband (DOCSIS) network to cover two villages, Stallingborough and Habrough. The results of the work are already visible on our speed test map as the service is live and available to order.

BBC Look North covered this story on Tuesday 17th December with the interview with the two campaigners who worked for 18 months to get Virgin Media to install the service now up on the BBC website. The full report from the evening news starts at 16 minutes into the Look North programme on iPlayer.

Sandwiched between Immingham and Healing it is likely that the Virgin Media network already passed through Stallingborough. Since the original Digital Britain report in 2009 a lot of the political pressure to increase commercial roll-outs by all the major operators has been almost invisible, the focus has been on the BDUK gap funded model instead. Broadband campaigners for some time have been saying that those areas with the slower speeds are those where demand for faster services will be highest, the problem for the commercial operators is identifying these areas and being sure that the demand is really in an area, rather than just one person pestering others until they sign a petition.

Whether we can expect more village based roll-out from Virgin Media is a big unknown, but if you have their network passing through already and don't mind a long struggle it might be a lot faster than waiting for your local BDUK project particularly if the project map for the county suggests the village may not get superfast broadband from the project.


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