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Joint venture deal sees Carillion telent getting BDUK work

Those who have the time to read the notices and logos on vans that have been involved in the BT FTTC (and smaller FTTP) roll-out will have noticed telent as a name that appears fairly regularly. Today has BT and Carillion telent signing a joint venture contract that is worth up to £500 million to Carillion.

This contract means that Carillion is the preferred supplier to BT in 33 of the local authority regions for the BDUK work and will last for around three and a half years. The contract means Carillion telent will be engaged in civil engineering, cabling, poling and other infrastructure services needed to deliver the improvements in broadband infrastructure across much of the final third.

"We are delighted to have extended our relationship with BT with this contract for BDUK. I believe this reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, value for money services and to building strong, long-term relationships with our customers. We look forward to working with BT to deliver BDUK, which will make a vitally important contribution to improving the UK's broadband network and creating real benefits for the UK economy."

Carillion Chief Executive, Richard Howson

The contract value of £500 million shows that the cost of the civil works involved in the largely FTTC roll-out are not insignificant and with the BDUK project (including BT funding) to be around £1.5 billion, this represents a third of the fund even though it is not all the local authority areas.


BSG & Analysis Mason, WIK, point topic point to the construction costs being c70%-80% of the total cost. The up to £500m for 33 projects, £15m each points to the potential for a great deal of FTTP.
Do you have basis for dividing by a third?

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