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RCBF delivers two broadband cabinets in Northumberland

Residents in Rothbury may care little about whether its BT or another company delivering the service, so long as they can order a better broadband service. It is likely that while there will be lots of anger over BT also benefiting from RCBF funding in addition to the BDUK funding the news of better broadband appearing has to be welcomed.

Rothbury in Northumberland is set to have Environment Minister George Eustice posing for pictures next to its fibre street cabinet that goes live today, and Thropton just to the west will have its cabinet switched on next week.

Postcodes in Thropton and which are likely to get super fast broadband
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We believe we have found the likely location of the cabinet in Thropton and our simple geographic plot of the likely speeds for postcodes around it encompasses some 258 premises (the local press indicates the cabinet will serve 167 premises, we believe our plotting is overlapping with some postcodes in Rothbury). The estimated speeds are: 39 properties will probably connect at 60 Mbps or better, 45 @ 40 Mbps and another 77 at 30 Mbps, this covers those properties in Thropton itself, those 22 premises further afield in Snitter and near Hadwen Wood will not be getting superfast speeds, but an improvement on current ADSL speeds is likely.

"Every rural area deserves a good internet connection.

It has the power to transform business prospects and create more rural jobs. Rothbury is the first of many rural areas to receive superfast broadband under the Rural Community Broadband Fund.

It will be a massive benefit to everyone who lives in this area, and I look forward to seeing many more of these projects get off the ground.

The government is putting in £165 million into unlocking the economic potential of rural areas, and broadband is a key part of that."

Environment minister George Eustice

The £165 million quoted is likely to be a mixture of funding from the RCBF and mobile infrastructure project (£20m and £150m), but on the RDBF specifically the only other project we know of that is progressing is the Fell End fibre project that is using £17,400 of RCBF money to connect 58 properties working with BT once more.

The lack of more RCBF projects is down to the very English muddle over the county level projects not being able to define where they will not deliver improvements ahead of the March 2015 deadline for spending RCBF money. This is in part down to BT and the political pressure for counties to take minimal risk and the delays from EU State Aid approval pushing back the planning stages by some months.


How in hell did these two manage to 'prove' they were outside a BT planned postcode area? Clever stuff! I would not have been surprised if BT had refused to confirm to them that BT were not going to do the postcodes due to 'commercial confidentiality'.....................

  • mikejp
  • over 7 years ago

Fell End is self evident (last 5%), and I thought it was 29 properties and it is FTTP which provides an interesting (good) subsidy level. The cost per property connected is worth tracking.
Rothbury has much more money per premise and it is clear the mix of solution. If it is FTTC only then it will be shocking. RCBF should provide itemisation.

  • ValueforMoney
  • over 7 years ago

Rothbury is meant to be a mix of C/P but don't have info on which is where yet.

Fell End is over a 11 sq km area, so FTTC is a non-starter.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 7 years ago

@Andrew - 58 is even better then, thank you and BT appear to agreeing to using fields rather that roadside which is also much cheaper and creates a new precedent for Openreach.
Rothbury looks very expensive (>£400K), lets hope their is a lot of P, so much that it becomes a fibre only area at that level.

  • ValueforMoney
  • over 7 years ago

When discussing BT or another supplier we should consider that "others" will likely mean a loss of your current email address if it's supplied by your current ISP, often a considerable task !.

  • lmschuffer
  • over 7 years ago

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