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Sky unveil new fibre broadband enabled Sky Hub

Sky has unveiled its latest version of the Sky Hub. The new design in black will allow Sky to offer self-install for their Sky Fibre broadband products as the new Sky Hub includes a VDSL2 modem allow customers to plug it directly into the phone socket without the need for a separate Openreach FTTC modem.

Sky Fibre Hub

The new router will put Sky inline with BT and their 'Home Hub 5' and EE with their 'Bright Box 2' which already have a VDSL modem built in. The feature set for the new Sky router seems broadly the same as the previous Sky Hub (SR101) we reviewed. For user connectivity it includes 4x 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports and 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi with 2x2 MIMO internal antennas allowing for data transmission rates of 144Mbps. The actual design and layout of router the router remains unchanged.

The new hub will come as standard for all Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited customers.


Will those of us presently on Be Unlimited get that on transfer to Sky?

  • David-Park
  • over 7 years ago

I was on the trail apart from the the router and VDSL modem in one single unit and being black it's the same as the SR-101 poor IMHO

  • McGrath1982
  • over 7 years ago

Pretty poor specs in my opinion, especially in this day and age. No gigabit ports? No 5Ghz?

  • Kushan
  • over 7 years ago

Got mine yesterday :-D

All plugged in and connecting with ADSL2+ waiting for FTTC to go live on the 6th :-D

For 5GHz Wi-Fi I already had another router acting as an access point and Gbit switch... so no problem that this doesn't have 5GHz Wi-Fi.

  • timmay
  • over 7 years ago

Until they fix their major congestion issues this is useless I have been having issues since October and they have allowed me to leave as they don't know when they will fix their congestion issues.

  • brutos
  • over 7 years ago

Agree, no dual band and no gigabit - just lazy. At least 1 gigabit port so I could plug into my switch.

  • jroadley
  • over 7 years ago

penny pinching, now days gigabit ports cost a pittance over 100mbit.

  • chrysalis
  • over 7 years ago

This make me laugh. Sky is not future in better. Rubbish cheap piece of hub.

  • adslmax
  • over 7 years ago

I'm glad providers are all going over to single box solutions, but I don't see why this is a necessary prerequisite for self installs. Is it really so hard to connect one box to another using an ethernet cable? My BT Infinity kit came with a very clear diagram showing how to connect it up.

  • jrawle
  • over 7 years ago

An all in one box is heading the right direction but dual band and gigabit ports should be in all isp routers these days.

The SR101 which this is based on is nothing special but it is rock solid, reliable and never needs rebooting or touching. Frustration free router compared to say the Superhub. Probably why they kept with it at this stage.

  • Joppy
  • over 7 years ago

Not great that it's a 100Mb only device and the lack of 5GHz WiFi and no support for 40MHz channels isn't good either.

This guy is capped to about 90Mb via WiFi and cabled. Fine for most people but disappointing for some.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 7 years ago

It really annoys me when manufacturers insist on using very old technology, why use 100Mb ports on any network equipment these days.

  • R0NSKI
  • over 7 years ago

Do most people really care that there is no 1Gb ports or that it don't have 5ghz wi-fi? I wonder how many people know what it is anyway.
one day we will get routers with no ports at all, I can see it coming

  • zyborg47
  • over 7 years ago

Pretty poor spec, BT Home Hub 5 has AC and full 4x gigabit ethernet. Even the last Home Hub 4 had 1x gigabit and 5GHz. Pretty poor from Sky imo

  • Youngy
  • over 7 years ago

@zybord47 - you're probably right, most people won't know. But they will notice the speed difference

  • Youngy
  • over 7 years ago

Sky's products are for the masses. The vast, vast majority of their customers will see no benefit from GigE ports and high spec Wifi.

These should definitely be considered for future models, especially when FTTx speeds increase, but right now it would be hard to justify.

For those dismissing it as cheap crap, consider that this is the first major ISP to launch a universal ADSL/fibre router, and also they are extremely reliable. I was one of the first trialists for this model a year ago, and it has worked flawlessly. As in, my connection hasn't dropped once and I haven't reset it once.

  • slackshoe
  • over 7 years ago

Sky should let us have are own router! PlusNet and BT allows us to.

  • francisuk20
  • over 7 years ago

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