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The Humberside area to get a choice at last!

Tele2 is on it's way to the Hull area in June 2002, which will mean that Karoo who already look over priced in comparison to the ADSL in the rest of the country will get some competition.

Broadband Humber are the people behind the arrival of Tele2 service in the area and are offering what look like reasonable packages, i.e. £39.99 a month for a 30:1 contention 512kbps/256kbps service. There are a number of options in terms of speed upgrades, which can be enabled for short periods of time. For business users there are more expensive options that allow you to have guaranteed service levels, e.g. a guaranteed 1Mbps connection is £900/month.

Their website has a form so people can register an interest and to allow them to keep you informed of the transmitters progress.


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